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Cleaning Service McHenry

It keeps the houses of your potential customers healthy, safe and looking presentable. Cleaning Service McHenry assists in the process of removing all traces of construction dirt, dust, and debris from new and remodel structures. It leaves the site clean, soil and spot free and ready for occupancy. It is a firm that specializes in construction clean-up. Cleaning is important. We clean the offices according to your procedures. Periodic maintenance schedule shampoo and extract carpets, clean lights, scub floors, vents, speaker covers and ceilings using a lift or ladder. Construction Cleaning McHenry tasks include but are not limited to: vacuuming, dusting, cleaning walls, glass, wood, pictures and furniture. Additionally, we pay attention to detail to make sure everything is spic and span before we leave. Not only are we reliable, but we also offer the best prices in the area as well as provide the greatest service around. We vacuum and shampoo carpets and area rugs. We dust and clean blinds. We will have your house looking and smelling like you’ve just moved in. Maid Service McHenry removes stains. We clean and mop linoleum, tile and hardwood floors. We dust and polish furniture and fixtures. We clean countertops, including granite and marble counters. We clean ovens, microwaves and kitchen cabinets. We clean bathroom sinks and toilets.
Cleaning Hints and Tips

White Linen, Cotton, or Lace: Spread out the stained cloth in the sink or bathtub (depending on how much room is needed) and dampen the stained area with warm water. Dissolve two denture-cleaning tablets in 1/2 cup warm water. While it's stall fizzing, pour the denture cleaner on the stain, and leave it for about a half hour. Then wash as usual. Remember, this is for white items only.

McHenry Service Illinois

Clean outside the fridge.
Dust corners and crevices from high points to low. Damp wipe windows sill, door and door frames.
Damp wipe counters, kitchen cabinets, table and chairs.
Empty and clean wastepaper basket.
Scrub the sink with cleanser and rinse with clean water.
Apply the cleanser on the sink, scrub with sponge and rinse with clean water. Use glass cleaner and paper towel for special touch on chrome.
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